Overloading in Java? Types, Basic Advantages with Example | 2021

Overloading in Java
Overloading in Java
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What is overloading in oops?

Types and Advantage of Method and constructor Overloading in java, usually it’s used to avoid unnecessary code present in the program with the same method name. It’s also performs the related simple task with a separate set of the parameters. Operators and functions can be used overloading.

Overloading gives some facility to implement a specific identifier to represent multiple methods in a class. That can be changed with some input and output parameters.

Types of Overloading in Java?

Usually, there are two types of Overloading.

  1. Method Overloading 
  2. Constructor Overloading 

Method overloading in java?

In a class When we have more than one method with the same names. But the Signature is changed, which we called Method Overloading in java.

Change in Signature Means:

  • There has to be a change in the number of parameters. 
  • Or there has to be a change in the type of parameters. 
  • Also, change in the Sequence of parameters.

Note:- In Method Overloading, we don’t consider Method return type. 

Suppose we have to perform one operation with the same name. Which boosts the readability of our program.

Example of method overloading:-

How Many Ways to Overload the Methods?

Java has 3 ways to overload methods.

  1. Using the number of parameters.
  2. Using the Data type of parameters.
  3. With a sequence of Data type of parameters.

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Method overloading program in java:-

You can observe the example here method names are the same, but parameters are different in every method.

Example of Method Duplication:-

In a class, when we have more than one method with the same name and the same Signature is called Method Duplication.

Advantage of method overloading ?

Here is the few Advantage of method overloading.

  • Overloading improves the readability of every program. 
  • It helps achieve compile-time Polymorphism. 
  • Method Overloading is possible only in the same class & even possible in the case of Inheritance.

Can we overload the java main() method? 

Yes, by using method overloading. It is possible. We can have “n number” of the main methods in a class. But JVM calls the main() method, which receives a String array as arguments only.

Constructor overloading in java definition?

In a class, having more than one Constructor with a change in Signature is called Constructor Overloading in java

Programming Example of constructor overloading:- 

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Can constructor be overloaded?

Yes! just like methods, constructors can be overloaded in java. In the constructor overloading, create multiplied constructors with the same name. But remember, signatures/parameter types can be different.


  • What do you mean by Overloading?

Ans: In simple words, when we have more than two methods, with the same name with different signatures or parameters is called overloading of the method.

  • What are overloading and its types?

Ans: You can read the definition of overloading in the first question. And there are two types, method overloading and constructor overloading in java.

  • Overloading and overriding in oops?

Ans: Overloading the process to overload the methods in the specific program. And, Overriding is the process, which provides the subclass particular method implementation for an inherited method.

  • Why we use method overloading in java?

Ans: Overloading has the ability to build duplicated methods. with the same name but with various type of parameters. That means we can get a String description of it by using String.


Overloading is the most important topics of java. It will help us to develop multiple functions in the applications with code redundancy. And it will help to improve our code readability and improve the flow of code.

Admin Words:- 

In this article, we discussed what is overloading, types of overloading with some programming examples, including diagrams.

If you have any difficulties or recommendations regarding the overloading, please feel free to ask in the comment box. I will try to solve your doubt.

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